Photo booth hire – Insights

A Photo Booth can be an amazing facility to enjoy, and comes in many shapes and sizes – Your probably thinking that ‘why on earth would I hire a Photo Booth’, in short the answer is party! A photo booth is the perfect compliment for any party or event – A wedding is a good example, imagine hiring a photo booth with unlimited access for guests to take as many pictures as they want and taking away their photos instantly as you would in a ‘normal’ photo booth but at the end of the day the bride and groom also get a digital copy and guestbook of all guests who had their fun snaps taken during the special day. photo booth near me

The ‘special’ photo booths adapted for this industry tend to be able to fit a larger number of people in (usually around 5-6) at any one time, loaded with props (and probably alcohol) you can only imagine the carnage that will take place inside the booth and the excellent fun photos that will be a memory for them forever as well as the happy couple. Many photo booth hire companies also include an online photo gallery which is often password protected so that all guests can be issued with access to see all photo’s taken on event – This truly is a new and exciting phenomenon that is taking the wedding industry by storm.

The photo booth’s themselves are usually a sleek design and very high specification – Often you will find touch screen technology, luxury back-drops and photo’s which are printed in just a few seconds for the guests to instantly enjoy. It’s not uncommon for photo booth hire to be available with customised skins and outer casings, this could mean for instance that any corporate hirer could have their company branding right across both sides, or perhaps the party thrower could have a life-size picture of themselves imprinted on the skin for a bit of extra personalisation – Endless possibilities and endless fun! Photo booth hire has become the next ‘big-thing’ for weddings, parties, corporate and festivals – A great way for your guests to show some true fun emotion and provide some genuine, unforgettable pictures making your event extra special.